Sour Cherry powder, freeze-dried

It takes 100kg of delicious fruit to make 10kg of our freeze-dried fruit powders, and the process used retains all the colour and flavour of the fresh product.
The sour cherry is a fruit which is widely used in savoury preparations in countries such as Georgia, where its function is much the same as apricots or dates in North African cooking. It gives a lovely sour-sweet balance to the spices used, and is particularly effective with lamb or duck. In fact in Georgia it is an ingredient in a commonly used all-purpose seasoning blend for stews and casseroles. In Western Europe sour cherry is more commonly used in desserts, and one of its best matches is with dark chocolate – a great tip is to mix some sour cherry powder into whipped cream to top chocolate cake. And it is wonderful sprinkled over a tarte au chocolat, giving it a lovely zing. As a last decadent chocolate suggestion, use sour cherry as the dusting for chocolate truffles instead of cocoa powder – the result is a real flavour explosion!
Its flavour works well in cocktails, and is a great addition to a classic summertime jug of Pimms – you can make a non-alcoholic version for the kids, and the sour cherry will make it taste a little more grown-up for them. This powder is the easy way to have the delicious flavour of sour cherry close to hand every day!

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