Raspberry Fruit Powder

The tart and sweet flavour of the raspberry is always a favourite, and this 100% freeze-dried powder is one of the best ways to have the benefits of this delicious fruit close to hand in the kitchen. You get all the good things about the fruit – colour, flavour and healthiness – without the seeds, and the powder is equally if not more versatile than the fresh berries themselves. The powder can be used in baking, for making marvellous muffins and colourful cakes, and it works just as well for making smoothies, sorbets and ice cream. It can be used in shakes and cocktails, and is excellent used alongside fresh raspberries for making jams. In savoury cooking the powder can be used to make a deliciously different sauce for duck, and a small shake into a game stew will add depth, colour and that great sweet and sour balance such dishes always benefit from.

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