Mango Fruit Powder

One of the most popular tropical fruits is the mango, with its lovely blend of sweetness and perfume – the taste always takes you away to sun-kissed beaches somehow! This 100% fruit freeze-dried mango powder is far and away the easiest way to have the flavour of the tropics available any time in the kitchen cupboard, and it is amazingly versatile, being used in a range of sweet and savoury dishes. We love using it for sorbets, smoothies and ice cream, it is great in cakes and muffins, and it is so handy to have around when making curries and other Asian dishes. While it is not as tart as the Indian amchur powder (which is made from dried mango), it is sweeter and deeper so can be used instead of or alongside it. And for a simply stunning dessert, you can add fresh mango and mango powder to yoghurt, creating something which is definitely more than the sum of its parts! In our kitchen, this is absolutely a pantry essential.

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