Acai Powder

Nowadays one of the most popular ingredients in juices and smoothies, acai is a small berry which grows in South America and boasts a long roll call of health benefits (it is a powerful antioxidant, low in sugar and high in fibre, for example) in addition to its flavour, which is described as reminiscent of wild berries with a hint of chocolate. It has a vivid purple-red colour, one reason why it works so well in juices. Fresh acai is unavailable in Europe as it is so perishable, so it usually comes as frozen pulp, but now we can offer this 100% pure acai powder which retains all the colour, vibrancy and nutritional value of fresh. Use acai powder in juices and smoothies, or sprinkle on your morning granola or porridge, for an early morning boost to your system. And for something a little different, try using acai in summer salad dressings.

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