Tamarind Concentrate

Tamarind is a fruit ubiquitous throughout South Asia, and it is used in many forms (fresh, dried, pulp and concentrate) as a souring agent. The concentrate is especially convenient and is used in much the same way as tomato puree but in a much lesser amount, commonly added to a wide range of dishes. It is especially widely used in South India and Sri Lanka, giving such favourites as Sambar and Vindaloo their distinctive tang. It is also an essential ingredient in Pad Thai noodles.
Our 100% concentrate gives a rich, deep sourness with a distinct underlying sweetness. It is a very good addition to barbecue marinades and sauces, but if used in this way it does need added sugar for balance. It has a particular affinity with pulses, especially lentils, making it a delicious twist when added to a traditional English lentil soup, and it also matches very well with fish and other seafood.
A little-known fact is that tamarind concentrate is an excellent brass cleaner! An essential for any good pantry.

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