karachi curry

Karachi Curry

This deep red, fiery curry blend is typical of the Sindh region of Pakistan (Karachi is the region’s capital). Based on ground Kashmiri red chilli, balanced with mustard oil and fenugreek leaves, it has a great depth of flavour and is perfect for use both as a marinade and as a curry base.
For perfect Pakistani-style lamb chops, blend a couple of teaspoons of Karachi spice with yoghurt and lemon juice, then marinate. Then cook on a hot grill or in an equally hot oven.
Or to use as a curry base, add a couple of teaspoons – a little more if you like it really hot, a little less if not – to fried onions, garlic, ginger and tomato, then your choice of meat. For vegetarians, this method works brilliantly with chickpeas, and also aubergine.
Also Karachi spice is really good when a little is used to boost the flavour of gravy, stews and even baked beans!

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