Coconut and Beetroot Curry

This new curry blend is a Spice Mountain original, combining the sweet and colourful beetroot with coconut milk and carefully selected spices to create a wonderfully full-flavoured, mild curry. We use aromatic spices such as curry leaves, star anise and cinnamon, together with tart amchur (green mango) for balance. The coconut powder gives the curry a touch of creaminess. This blend works very well in veggie curries, especially ones where potatoes are a major player, and it is lovely with chickpeas. Beef is the best meat to use, preferably in a slow-cooked curry, and the blend can also be used as an alternative to tandoori blend when marinading chicken which will be grilled or roasted – use coconut milk instead of yoghurt for the ‘liquid’ element of the marinade. Fish and prawns can also be prepared in this way. Finally, try using this lovely blend to season minced meat kebabs or kofte for something a little different to throw on the barbie.

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