Burmese Curry

This authentic blend from Burma is a beautiful mixture of Indian and Southeast Asian flavours. The umami of shrimp powder combines beautifully with the carefully selected spices we choose. Chilli and pepper (black and white) bring heat; lemongrass, kaffir lime and mango bring citrus fruit notes, and this is all balanced with the earthy depth of turmeric.
Burmese curry works well with meat, chicken, fish and vegetables. When cooked slowly with coconut milk the dish will have a lovely deep yellow colour, and an equally deep creaminess – this method is extremely good with chicken. It is also very tasty in a stir-fry curry, with prawns or crunchy vegetables (or both).
One of our favourite curries, and deliciously different!
(As this blend contains shrimp powder, it is not suitable for those with a shellfish allergy.)

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