Bombay Potato

While it is designed to make the popular restaurant side dish Bombay Potato, this blend is incredibly versatile when you are looking for a mild, colourful and aromatic curry using pretty much anything as a base, but particularly vegetables. The blend is built upon mustard seeds and turmeric, both of which give an earthy and deep flavour, alongside aromatics such as curry leaves, ajowan and nigella seeds. There is a touch of chilli involved, but only for balance, not heat. So it is perfect for those quickly cooked curries such as Aloo Gobi or a Vegetable Bhaji. Adding fresh coriander to your dish will bring the flavour of the blend out even more, and if you need more heat, it matches well with fresh chilli, particularly the green finger chillies popular in Indian food. Away from the curry department it is fantastic used to perk up a lentil soup, or to give an exotic note to mashed potatoes or indeed a potato salad. One of our go-to blends when we need that curry colour and aroma but not the heat.

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