Spanish Smoked Paprika, Tins

There is nothing which adds a touch of sunshine to the kitchen like Spanish smoked paprika, the flavour of holidays and tapas, the taste and colour of a good chorizo, the smoky depths of a paella. And these tins imported from Spain are one of the most attractive ways to have this wonderful spice in your kitchen. There are three varieties available:

  • Dulce (sweet)
  • Agrodulce (bittersweet)
  • Picante (hot)

Each variety does what it says on the tin, really, all containing that basic smoky earthiness and having the same deep brick-red colour. They are an essential item in Spanish cooking, of course, but can work well used in unfamiliar territory – try the Picante as part of a tandoori marinade, for example, and you will not believe the difference it makes! Use the Dulce to give tomato sauces extra colour and depth. And the Agrodulce matches well with anything involving vinegar, so try using it in salad dressings, and is also great with eggs, particularly used to give some zing to an egg mayo.

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