Smoked Paprika, hot

Smoked Paprika is used a great deal in Spanish food, and also Hungarian dishes  This hot example is blended with Cayenne Pepper for a bit of kick, and the delicious smoky flavour comes from heating the spice over oak wood. It works well with many foods, and has a particular affinity with potatoes, pork (especially when used to make chorizo sausage) and beans. The flavour combines well with rosemary, bay leaf and cumin as these herbs have similar woody notes in them, and it is excellent just as a seasoning for barbecueing or grilling. This paprika will also add a lovely piquancy to your dish, and of course it will lend its deep brick-red colour.

This smoked paprika is moderately hot, so a little will go a long way – a teaspoon or two will be enough to get the full benefit of this tasty spice.

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