Hungarian Paprika, traditional bag

Hungarian paprika has a totally different character to its Spanish cousin, being generally less earthy and not as bold. However it has a depth and intensity of its own, and the most wonderful deep red colour. Its most familiar use would be in Goulash, the delicious beef stew which is Hungary’s national dish, and it is often used as a garnish together with sour cream in Balkan cuisine. But it is incredibly versatile, and can be used to give colour, depth and warmth to almost any dish. Try using it in a ratatouille, or to give colour and a little bite to a classic Stroganoff, where again it combines well with the cream.

There are two varieties available in attractive bags which we have imported from Hungary, hot and sweet. Bear in mind that the hot is not particularly fiery, it has more of a warm heat. Both make a great addition to any pantry. This item is beautifully packaged in a traditional Hungarian paprika bag.

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