Habanero Chilli, powder

Although it has recently been overtaken on heat levels by more extreme chillis, the Habenero remains one of the most fierce of the family and is probably the most widely-used of peppers with ‘eye-watering’ qualities! In its powder form the Habanero is as hot and tasty as fresh, with a lovely brick-red colour and a beautifully rounded, fruity flavour beneath the heat. It is very commonly used in Mexican, Caribbean and West African cooking, and is the basis of many of the hot sauces on the market today. In everyday cooking it is perhaps best used in spicy dishes with a tomato base, to take advantage of its fruity nature, but bear in mind that a little goes a long, long way – a quarter of a teaspoon should be enough to get those tastebuds tingling! As with any very hot chilli, use Habanero powder with caution and wash your hands well after use.

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