Guajillo Chillies

Guajillo, whole

This is one of the most popular chillies in Mexican cuisine, alongside the Ancho. The flavours of Guajillo are spicy, citrussy, smoky and sweet, all at the same time. They are truly wonderful and will transform your dish! As one of the milder Mexican chillies, they can generally be used in any dish which needs chilli flavour but not too much heat. They work particularly well in tomato salsas, where they give balance and depth.

Guajillos, due to their leathery texture after drying, need to be rehydrated in warm water before use. An interesting variation here is to toast them in a dry frying pan before soaking, which intensifies the smoky character of the chilli. Once rehydrated, remove the seeds and then either puree or chop before adding to your dish. If you are making salsa, retain the soaking liquid and mix a little of it with the pureed chilli for extra fllavour.

Heat level – 3

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