Chipotle, whole

YES!!!! Chipotles are back in stock !

This is one of our favourite Mexican chillies!  Chipotles are the result of smoking jalapeno chillies over wood, which gives them a rich, smoky and chocolatey flavour, and also a lovely dark colour. These are morita chipotles, which are the most common of the two types (the other is the meco, also available on our website).  Although not as fiery as a fresh jalapeno, they have a distinct heat which is very well balanced.

While they are particularly suited to Mexican cuisine, they are also very good in pasta sauces, casseroles or any dish that will benefit from a deliciously warm and smoky flavour.  Due to their thick skin they need to be soaked in hot water before use if you are going to chop or puree them, or they will reconstitute naturally when added whole to a more soupy dish, especially if it is to be slow-cooked.

Heat level – 7


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