Chilli Extract 9m SHU

To put into context just how hot this extract is, the Naga chilli registers 2m SHU (Scovill heat units), less than 25% of the strength. The extract is made by isolating the capsaicin (the bit of the chilli which makes it hot), so there is no flavour as such, just a neat blast of heat. The extract should be used as a food additive rather than an ingredient, and with extreme caution – DO NOT INGEST DIRECTLY. To use, dip a toothpick in the paste and stir into your dish. Its main use would be when you are adding heat to something and need to be precise about how much, as its extreme heat is consistent and does not vary.

Once again, please be aware that this product needs to be handled and used with great care, avoid contact with skin or eyes

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