Angel Hair

From the Chinese region of Tsientin, and produced by finely shredding then drying whole long chillies, these angel hair chillies are an amazing addition to your pantry. They resemble longer saffron threads to the eye, and can be used in much the same way. They have a gorgeous fruity flavour, with virtually no heat at all, making them incredibly versatile.
They can be used in three ways. Firstly, gently toasting them for a minute (be careful – they burn very easily) brings out their distinctive flavour. They can then be added to your dish, and they will give it a beautiful colour as well as their taste. If rehydrated in a little hot water they feather up nicely, and when used like this they work very well in broths, soups and especially paellas or risottos. Finally they can be used ‘as found’, and in this case they make a truly show-stopping garnish to all sorts of dishes, particularly eggs.
Try using them to transform a simple bowl of mussels into fine dining!

Heat level – 1

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