Mutton Rendang

February 7, 2019


As you may remember, we at Spice Mountain are very fond of a rendang. We found this version at the Tiong Bahru food court in Singapore, and while it had the same flavours as the more common beef rendang, it was different.


1 Heat some coconut oil in a heavy pan, then saute the shallots and chillies for a few minutes before adding the mutton/lamb. Keep sauteeing until the meat colours slightly before adding all the spices along with a splash of water to prevent burning.

2Keep stirring away until the aroma rises from the pan, then add enough coconut milk to cover the meat, probably about a can and a half. Stir well, bring to just below a boil, then let the pan simmer gently.

3The rendang will now look after itself for a while, just keep an eye on the liquid and add a little more coconut milk if it is drying out too much. Mutton will need to cook for a couple of hours, for lamb 80 minutes should do the job. The dish should have plenty of thick, spicy gravy.

4Finally toast the dessicated coconut in a hot dry pan until it is light gold, then stir this into the dish. Garnish the finished rendang with sliced red chilli and crispy fried onions.


500g Boneless Mutton or Lamb, cut into smallish chunks

4 Banana Shallot, finely chopped

2 tsp Lemon Grass Stalks

1 tbsp Kaffir Lime Leaves

3 Red Chillies, finely chopped

4/5 tsp Rendang blend

1 tsp Galangal powder

2 Cans Coconut Milk

3 tbsp Dessicated Coconut